Palliser Great Dogs

Richard Riddiford introduces us to The Great Paloma. Check our blog for more.

Pegasus Bay

An afternoon spent with Ed, Belinda and Matt Donaldson at Pegasus Bay would never be less than enlightening, probably educational, and always enjoyable.  We'll put some tasting notes up soon - the latest releases continue the pursuit of both excellence and difference. Meanwhile the food from the wiery restaurant continues the quality that sees it frequently topping its catergory in the Cuisine annual awards.  Michael and Matt are pictured walking and spitting.

Pasquale Viticultura


Dr Antonio Pasquale is a generous, larger-than-life Italian who came to New Zealand as something of a Millennium gift!

TV3 has featured Pasquale Viticultura and Kurow Wines which is in New Zealand's newest wine region of the Waitaki Valley.  Our company, Wine and Food New Zealand, was privileged to introduce the fine Pasquale wines to the local and export markets.

The winery's Cellar Door has closed for the season, as Antonio is in Europe on his latest mission - to learn more about hotter climate wines. He intends to concentrate more attention on his Northland vineyard. This will be so different from the present, distinctive, cold climate style that is as crisp as the air of the pristine Waitaki.

We are looking forward to seeing where his enthusiasm leads upon his return, and in what directions the Pasquale label will develop.  Meantime he has placed the Kurow Winery on the market.

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Read the Pasquale "Elements"

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