Lawson’s latest

When a delivery arrives from Lawson’s Dry Hills, it is always of interest.  This family winery has a real knack with aromatics, at prices that indicate the quality but do not undermine viability.

The Gewurtz 2010 ($26) is the Full Monty – aromas of ginger flowers, lychee and Turkish Delight that are realised in the mouth with a creamy mantle wrapping sufficient crispness to avoid flab and delivering a long and concentrated palate.

The 2009 Marlborough Riesling ($20) has aromas of sweet lime and a touch of early “fuel” character loved by some (not me!).  Zingy, smoky and loaded with lime it has a natural balance that paints it dry, despite 9.6 g/l of acidity.  Picked at the end of March 2009, the moderate ripeness has allowed winemakers Marcus Wright and Rebecca Wiffen to achieve textbook acid/sugar balance.  Try it with a salad of smoked chicken, apple, sweet winter roquette, pine nuts and lime dressing.

The 2009 Pinot Noir  ($27) at this stage seems a little edgy and ungainly, with jagged and drying tannins.

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